EerieTransfer v0.1 Screenshot
EerieTransfer v0.1 Screenshot

EerieTransfer is a simple free download manager that allows you to download a file using multiple proxies at the same time to bypass servers’ speed restrictions. It also has a zip archive tester which redownloads only corrupt portions.


  • Download files through multiple connections at once.
  • Use a different elite proxy per connection to evade server speed throttling.
  • Automatically select a new proxy if one fails.
  • Test and repair zip archives by redownloading corrupt portions.
  • Multi-threaded, one thread per connection so a connection error doesn’t hang the transfer.


Well, I wanted to download a 375GB zip archive, but the download speed was 400KB/s. So I tried several download managers to download the file with multiple connections at once, but I was only getting 400KB/s download speed all the same.

Then I remembered I could download from multiple proxies at once to hide my IP address. I search for a download manager which allowed this and found Net Transport. After adding proxies by hand and having to replace them also by hand every time one failed, I finally downloaded the file in a few days at about 3MB/s.

When the download was finished, I tested the archive and to my dismay it had errors. So I thought, “why don’t I make my own multiple proxy download manager?”.

EerieTransfer was born!

After a few days of programming and testing, my ISP thought I was using to much bandwidth for too long, so my connection was capped at 8/0.4 MBit/s.

Since I could no longer download the archive at this speed, I remembered I could try to test it and download only the corrupt parts, so I wrote the zip tester. It worked, I had to download only 5GB to repair it.

I improved the GUI a little since then to release it here.


EerieTransfer is free and contains no adware, spyware or malware. Please consider donating if you find it useful. 32-bit version also works on Windows 64-bit.

Windows Version Type Link
32-bit (x86) 0.1 .msi installer

Quick Start Guide

  • First click Settings and in the Proxies tab, add your proxies manually or go to and filter proxy anonymity by Elite and click Copy to clipboard, then return to the Settings window and click Add From Clipboard.
  • To add a new download, copy its link location in your browser and then click New From Clipboard in the main EerieTransfer window.

Suggestions and Bug Reports:

Contact me or comment below.