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Civilization II: Test of Time
To me, the best in the series. You’ll need to patch the game to play it on Windows 64-bit systems.
One of the most intriguing strategy games I never could finish.
Role Play / Strategy
This one is much fun and not very difficult.
Escape from Colditz
Prison Escape
You must help 4 prisoners escape from a WWII castle prison. Very unique and hard if you don’t have a map. Also great intro song. Full longplay here
Future Wars
Point ‘n’ Click Adventure
My left mouse button was actually broken when playing this, so it took a long time to finish.
I still remember playing the demo that came in an Amiga Power coverdisk. Now that I think of it, I never finished this game.
Grab two joysticks and three friends, and you’ll play this all day.
Turrican II
The first game I finished on the Amiga.
Spent many moons playing this one with friends.
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