EerieGameSync is a free Windows tool that allows you to synchronize and backup your saved game folders in realtime (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc…) with a cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc…).

EerieGameSync v0.5 Screenshot
EerieGameSync v0.5 Screenshot


  • Backup and synchronize your saved game folders to the Cloud.
  • Scan your drives for saved game folders from an online list of known locations, which is updated by everyone.
  • Migrate your saved games easily to another machine.

EerieGameSync works by moving your saved game folder inside the cloud account folder and creating a symbolic link to it in the original location. This allows the games to operate transparently and the cloud service to synchronize the saved games instantly.


EerieGameSync is free and contains no adware, spyware or malware. Please consider donating if you find it useful. 32-bit version also works on Windows 64-bit.

Windows Version Type Link
32-bit (x86) 0.5 .msi installer

Quick Start Guide

  • Create a folder inside your cloud sync folder to where your saved game folders will eventually be moved. For example: “C:\Users\<your-username>\Dropbox\Saved Games” or “C:\Users\<your-username>\OneDrive\Saved Games”.
  • Download the EerieGameSync installer from this page.
  • Run ‘EerieGameSync’. It will request administrative permissions. These are required to create symbolic links in Windows.
  • Click ‘Choose’ in the toolbar to choose the folder you previously created.
  • Click ‘Scan’ to search for save game folders automatically or ‘Add’ to add one manually that you know the location of.
  • When you’re done, you may close the application (synchronization is done by symbolic links in the filesystem itself, there’s no need for a resident application or service).

Savegame Migration to New Machine

Simply point the destination folder to the same one as the first machine and press ‘OK’ in the confirmation dialog that appears.

Suggestions and Bug Reports:

Contact me or comment below.